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DevStat has delivered a workshop in Cuba for its National Statistical Office

devstat_cuba-workshopDevStat has delivered a workshop on how to measure the private sector economic activity in Cuba for its National Statistical Office, ONEI. The activity, implemented in May 2015, was funded by the program of exchange of experts Cuba – European Union.

DevStat selected by the Valencian Institute of business competitiveness (IVACE)

DevStat has been selected by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) within the Bolsa de Tutores 2015 Program as a supplier of specialized services to provide training to companies in terms of internationalization, particularly in international procurement. Such training, 30 hours, is 90% financed by the IVACE.

DevStat has been chosen due to its extensive experience in international tenders through which develops its services in countries around the world to organizations such as the European Union, United Nations and numerous foreign governments.

Workshop on Business Statistics in Russia


From 1 to 3 April 2015 DevStat organized a workshop on statistical business registers for Russian specialists. This workshop took place at the Federal Statistics Service of Russia (Rosstat) and dealt with questions related to the creation and use of the statistical business register, the identification of statistical units and its access by different types of users. The workshop is part of the technical assistance that DevStat provides to Rosstat for the improvement of business statistics.


DevStat takes part in the “Gamificación and behavioral risks in the Insurance sector” conference

José Vila, Scientific Director of DevStat, takes part on April 28, 2015 in the conference organized by Mapfre Foundation in Madrid with a presentation entitled “Exploring the mind of the insured person: implications of behavioral economics in the Insurance Sector”. See this link for further information:


New contract in Oman


DevStat has carried out a mission to Muscat (Oman) to advise The Research Council and UNICEF on the establishment of a Social Observatory. DevStat‘s experts also met representatives of the Ministries for Health, Education and Social Development, as well as the National Center for Statistics and Information.

This is the second project for DevStat in the Sultanate, having provided technical assistance to the Information Technology Agency (ITA Oman) to implement the first Survey on the Access and Usage of ICT in households and individuals with more than 11.000 households interviewed.

Website of the project “Improved Regional Statistics in Moldova” launched

Tstatistica_moldoveihe technical assistance project to improve the production and use of regional statistics in Moldova, for which José CERVERA, CEO of DevStat, serves as Team Leader, has launched its website.

It provides information on the main activities as well as links to national and international regional statistical databases, useful publications and cartography of the Republic of Moldova.

Inception mission to Rosstat- Russian Federation

On 18-20 February, DevStat carried out an inception mission to Rosstat to present the technical assistance project to improve the Business Register. Different meetings took place with Rosstat, the National Computing Centre, the NIPIstatinform, as well as with the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

18-20 февраля «DevStat» выполнил свою первую миссию в Москву, целью которой было представление проекта технического содействия по улучшению статистического регистра Росстата. В рамках этой миссии были проведены встречи с сотрудниками Росстата, Национального вычислительного центра, НИПИстатинформ, а также с Фондом «Бюро экономического анализа»

Technical assistance to the statistical office of Tunisia

The European Commission has contracted DevStat, in consortium with other companies, the technical assistance to the statistical office of Tunisia for the elaboration of a regional statistics development strategy. The project aims to develop the NSS and reinforce the capacities of the statistical office of Tunisia. The project started last January and will run for 7 months.

DevStat CEO, José CERVERA, presented the project “Improved Regional Statistics in the Republic of Moldova”

DevStat CEO, José CERVERA, presented the project “Improved Regional Statistics in the Republic of Moldova” in the launching event, with the presence of EU Ambassador Tapiola, Vice-Minister L. Oboroc and Director General Lucia Spoiala. The project will be implemented until November 2016 with a budget of EUR 2 million. José Cervera will serve as Team Leader of the project.