Assistance for the organisation of the ESTP courses

Assistance for the organisation of the European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP)

Within the framework of Eurostat’s European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP), DevStat in consortium with the Lithuanian Department of Statistics and the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria held a three-day and two-day courses severally on “Advanced R”and “Introduction to time series analysis with JDemetra+” in Luxembourg on the 27th – 29th November and 04th – 05th December 2017 respectively.

The course on Advanced R was taught by Mr Alexander Kowarik (course leader) and Mr Bernhard Meindl, both from Statistics Austria. The course on Introduction to time series analysis with JDemetra+ was taught by Mr Duncan Elliott (course Leader). Courses were attended by more than 20 participants that are part of Eurostat’s staff.

DevStat thanks the trainers and also the participants for their commitment during the course.