European Modernisation Workshop 2014



The European modernisation Workshop, organised around the ESSnet and ESS.VIP programmes took place in Valencia on 23-24 January 2014. The workshop was organised by Eurostat with the support of a project consortium headed by DevStat.

The workshop was open to all colleagues in the ESS interested in work and results of the the ESSnet and ESS.VIP programmes.

Themes discussed during the Workshop included various aspects of the ESS.VIP and ESSnet programmes:

  1. Implementation of ESSnet results across the ESS
  2. Collaboration – collaborating within ESSnet projects.
  3. New opportunities for participation in ESSnet projects

The Workshop was a complete success: Valencia received more than 90 participants from 28 different countries and more than 48 presentations took place.

At DevStat we are now preparing our next Event: Modernization of European Official Statistics through Big Data methodologies and the best practices: ESS Big Data Event Roma March 2014.