Survey on access and use of ICT by households and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The first survey on access and use of ICT by households and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been recently published, referring to 2017.
DevStat provided technical assistance to the Statistical Office of Saudi Arabia, to design the survey according to the standards of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) manual, of which the 2nd edition was prepared by José Cervera, CEO of DevStat, in 2014 ( The survey interviewed 24.000 households and shows that the Kingdom’s population has access to Internet in a similar proportion than European countries (76% to 94% depending on regions), with a significant difference between Saudis and non-Saudis, and between men and women. As in many quickly developing countries, the connection is more frequent through smartphones. DevStat’s work on ICT indicators has reached a global level, having provided technical assistance to Ethiopia, China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Qatar, as well as in regional trainings in French speaking African countries, English speaking Caribbean countries, Latin America and the Arab region.

DevStat sponsored CARMA 2018

Continuing with the collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, DevStat sponsored the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics (CARMA 2018) organized under the technical leaderships of Prof. Josep Domenech and Prof. M.R. Vicente. Our contribution including chairing the session on Economic Indicators, where machine-learning and Big Data-based analytical methods were applied to the production of indicators on  business innovation, entrepreneurial activity,  consumer expenditure and macroeconomic indicators. The papers showed the potential of new sources to complement Official Statistics.

DevStat also facilitated the presence of speaker Mr Afshin Asofteh of Univ. Lisbon who presented a communication on the use of Big Data analytics in central banks. Proceedings of the CARMA 2018 are available here: