New project in Azerbaijan: DevStat will prepare the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics until 2030!

The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan (, supported by the funding by The World Bank, has selected a team proposed by DevStat and the local company Seft Consulting for preparing the long-term strategy, as well as the short-term plans for the next years. The strategy will identify the main orientations for the modernisation of the national statistical system, the needs for capacity building of its staff and the requirements for IT systems. It will consider, among other emerging information demands, the challenges for statistically monitoring the achievements towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the international Agenda 2030.

This new project continues to strengthen the presence of DevStat in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia region, having already implemented technical assistance projects and assessment missions in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation.

DevStat selected as provider of advisory services with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA)

DevStat has been selected as provider of advisory services within a framework contract with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA)a joint institution of the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States. CTA aims at ending poverty and hunger, mitigate climate change and promote food security and growth through technical cooperation in the field of agriculture. DevStat will be requested to provide advice on the design of statistical studies, compile baseline data and prepare technical reports to support CTA activities.


DevStat contributes to the international methodology for measuring ICT skills

José CERVERA, CEO of DevStat, attends the 6th meeting of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Expert Group on ICT household indicators (Geneva, 15-19 October 2018), as member of the sub-group discussing how to produce statistics on ICT skills.

 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing the labour market, social relations, trade, medicine and almost every other aspect of our daily lives. The skills required for successfully adapting one’s life to the rapid changes are diverse, from finding information on-line to using new means of communication to being able to process large amounts of data. Measuring the gaps in skills is necessary to adopt ICT education policies for all, to fully benefit of the rapid evolution of technology. Statisticians from all the world discuss how to produce meaningful data on ICT skills through household surveys, in the framework of international standards for ICT statistics. For more information see .

DevStat joins the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Network – GODAN

 DevStat joins the GODAN (“Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition”) Network (, an international network of organizations aiming at promoting the dissemination and use of open data to inform policies for improving agriculture and nutrition worldwide. Through the increased access of data from public and private partners, and using statistical analysis techniques, policy-makers should be able to design and monitor better policies.

DevStat’s experience in open data includes organisation an international conference for Eurostat in 2016 on Linked Open Data presenting the methods for increasing the value of data sources through their combination, as well as the statistical analysis of hundreds of thousands of open public tender documents for the support of European trade policies.

José L. Cervera, CEO de DevStat, invited by the Vice-Premier of Ukraine to join a working group of experts to design an integrated information system

“José L. Cervera, CEO de DevStat, was invited by the Vice-Premier of Ukraine, G. Zubko, to join a working group of experts to design an integrated information system for the Ministry of Regional Development, supporting evidence-based decisions in the areas of territorial development. The current process of amalgamation of municipalities in Ukraine, together with the decentralisation of certain competences, together with the preparation of the next State Strategy for Regional Development after 2020 require collecting, processing and disseminating relevant statistical indicators and geospatial information”.

DevStat sponsored CARMA 2018

Continuing with the collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, DevStat sponsored the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and 

Analytics (CARMA 2018) organized under the technical leaderships of Prof. Josep Domenech and Prof. M.R. Vicente. Our contribution including chairing the session on Economic Indicators, where machine-learning and Big Data-based analytical methods were applied to the production of indicators on  business innovation, entrepreneurial activity,  consumer expenditure and macroeconomic indicators. The papers showed the potential of new sources to complement Official Statistics.

DevStat also facilitated the presence of speaker Mr Afshin Asofteh of Univ. Lisbon who presented a communication on the use of Big Data analytics in central banks. Proceedings of the CARMA 2018 are available here:


First survey on the use of ICT by households and individuals for GASTAT

DevStat has prepared for the General Statistics Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GASTAT) the first survey on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by households and individuals, and provided methodological advice on the same topic for the business sector. DevStat consultants promoted the use of international standards, such as those of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), for the design the the survey and the calculation of indicators. The survey will provide relevant information for the government of the Kingdom to continue its plans for modernising the country, within the Vision 2030, which aims at increasing the ICT infrastructure, e-government and use.

ICT statistics is one of the strong areas of expertise of DevStat, having implemented training programmes and consultancies in the Arab countries, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and China.  

DevStat participates at the Working Group on Quality (Eurostat), Luxembourg 15 June 2018

The consortium DevStat-Statistics Norway presented, at the Quality Working Group meeting (Luxembourg, 15 June 2018), the final results of the project on “Development of conceptual elements for a common quality framework in the European Statistical System (ESS)”. The results of the project, which consist of a set of proposals on core values, principles and a model for an Enhanced Common Quality Framework in the European Statistical System, were discussed with the representatives of the statistical institutes in the EU Member States and candidate countries. The recommendations are intended to guide the further development of the quality work in the ESS, having as central part the Code of Practice for European statistics.

On behalf of Devstat, the project has been managed by Florabela Carausu. Technical coordination was ensured by Hans Viggo Sæbø and Michael Colledge, and specific expertise in risk management was ensured by Fabrizio Rotundi and Federico Ceschel.

Prospects of cooperation between the National Academy of Statistics and the University of Valencia

On April 20, 2018, the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit ( was visited by José Cervera-Ferri, CEO of DevStat. During the meeting with the rector of the Academy Oleksander Osaulenko, and the head of the international relations office Aliaksei Zhurauliou discussed the prospects of cooperation between the Academy and the University of Valencia, as well as the participation of the Academy in the grant projects of the European Commission and the World Bank. Mr Osaulenko has been involved in World Bank project in Tajikistan managed by DevStat to provide advice on the establishment of a statistical training centre.

ICA Event in Valencia

DevStat is pleased to announce the organization of next ICA Event in Valencia (24-27 April 2018).

As a co-host and member of the Alliance from June 2015, we are more than happy of having the opportunity of receiving our colleagues to gather for 3 days of Cooperation and Networking.

ICA, the International Consulting Alliance (, is a network of like-minded, independent and reliable top quality partners working in the development cooperation field, committed to sharing experiences and good practices. ICA aims at bringing together the best technical and local organisations, surrounded by the best international and local experts.

The Alliance currently has already 65 Member organisations. Approximately half of the members are local organisations based in the beneficiary countries where the donor-funded projects take place, and half are technical partners, specialists in their respective technical area. Member of ICA are both profit and not-for-profit organisations, as well as (semi-) public organisations.

With DevStat based in Valencia, the city has therefore become the location of this international event which is to take place from 24-27 April 2018. With around 80-100 expected participants from 50-60 local and technical development aid consulting organisations, coming from more than 40 countries worldwide, this networking conference will be a unique opportunity for the City of Valencia and the Valencian Community to present itself to a large international audience.

Looking for the opportunity of meeting you.