New contract in Oman


DevStat has carried out a mission to Muscat (Oman) to advise The Research Council and UNICEF on the establishment of a Social Observatory. DevStat‘s experts also met representatives of the Ministries for Health, Education and Social Development, as well as the National Center for Statistics and Information.

This is the second project for DevStat in the Sultanate, having provided technical assistance to the Information Technology Agency (ITA Oman) to implement the first Survey on the Access and Usage of ICT in households and individuals with more than 11.000 households interviewed.

Website of the project “Improved Regional Statistics in Moldova” launched

Tstatistica_moldoveihe technical assistance project to improve the production and use of regional statistics in Moldova, for which José CERVERA, CEO of DevStat, serves as Team Leader, has launched its website.

It provides information on the main activities as well as links to national and international regional statistical databases, useful publications and cartography of the Republic of Moldova.