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DevStat. La estadística valenciana conquista el mundo.

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Regional visits in Russia

DevStat was invited to visit the Statistical offices of Novosibirsk and Altai regions of Russia. During the visit, both sides discussed the main problems of use and maintenance of the Russian Statistical Business Register at the regional level, as well as the ways for improvement of Business Statistics.


DevStat collaborates in the preparation of studies for the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM)

As part of a framework contract, DevStat has contributed to a study on mobile Internet services and one on the needs of postal service users with visual impairments.

This project strengthens DevStat’s expertise in ICT statistics. In Qatar, DevStat is currently evaluating the whole system of ICT statistics for the Ministry of ICT (ictQATAR), while, in Kazakhstan, DevStat’s team has carried out misions on the survey of ICT use in households and on telecommunication statistics. This expertise is based on DevStat’s contribution to the elaboration of statistics standards for the measurement of the Information Econonomy and Society (José CERVERA, DevStat’s CEO, is the autor of the UNCTAD Manual on statistics on the Information Economy.

Analysis of the cost-benefit and administrative burden reduction potential of options for Re-design of Intrastat

The European Statistical System Committe (ESSC) has requested Eurostat to provide information on alternative or complementary approaches to re-design Intrastat (the system set up for the collection of intra EU trade data). Consequently, the project called “Re-design of Intrastat” was launched in November 2014, which aims at documenting the alternative approaches analysed for the re-design of Intrastat in terms of costs and benefits, potential reduction of administrative burden and methodological implications.

DevStat, as the leader of a consortium that also counts with the participation of Panteia (NL) and CSIL (IT), has been awarded a contract for carrying out an independent assessment of the administrative burden on Intrastat and to estimate the burden reduction potential of the different options of the re-design of Intrastat. Furthermore, through the same contract, DevStat will also support Eurostat in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impact of different Intrastat re-design options and in producing a series of reports of the project outcomes (including reports for the FRIBS Impact Assessment and for a stakeholders consultation). All these will contribute to some of the “Re-design of Intrastat” project phases.

The work on the project started at the beginning of October 2015. All the results are planned to be available for the May 2016 ESSC meeting and will support the decision on the future implementation of Intrastat.

With this project, DevStat strengthens its experience in independent assessment studies, following the on-going “Impact Assessment for a framework regulation in the area of European social statistics”, the “Ex–post evaluation of the Community Statistical Programme 2008-2014” and other quality assessments of statistical operations.

World Statistics Day

logo_wsd-2015With the occasion of the World Statistics Day (20-10-2015), DevStat‘s team want to congratulate all statisticians, especially those that have been working with us last year in projects in Cuba, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Oman, Qatar, the Russian Federation, Sudan and Tunisia, as well as Eurostat and other international organizations.

DevStat‘s CEO, José CERVERA, will participate in events celebrating the World Statistics Day in Chisinau (Moldova) and Novosibirsk (Russian Federation). We are proud of contributing to sponsoring the first Open Russian Statistical Congress!

Presentation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics

DevStat was invited to the presentation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics in the Russian Federation to 2024 in Moscow (29th September 2015), as contributors to the development of ROSSTAT’s statistical business register. The meeting was chaired by Mr. A. Surinov, president of ROSSTAT, and attended by high-level experts from UNECE Statistics Division (Ms Lidia Bratanova), CIS-STAT (Mr Sokolin), the World Bank (Ms Shabalina), the High School of Economics of the State University of Moscow (Prof. Ponomarenko) as well as from other international experts. The day before, José Cervera, DevStat‘s CEO was invited to present the functioning of the European supra-national statistical system for the members of the Eurasian Economic Commission. In the picture, Mr Vladimir Drjuchin (UN Statistics division (Retired)), Ms Margarita Rohr-Truscheleva and Mr José Cervera (DevStat), Mr Alexander Kevesh (ROSSTAT), Ms Heli Jeskanen-Sundström (former DG of Statistics Finland) and Mr. Surinov (ROSSTAT).


DevStat successfully completed Technical assistance for Statistics Tunisia


DevStat successfully completed the EU funded project Technical assistance for Statistics Tunisia to design a strategy for the development of regional statistics in Tunisia. The project, implemented in co-operation with two other companies, started last January and run for 7 months, with the aim to develop the NSS and reinforce the capacities of the statistical office of Tunisia. Within the project two regional workshops were organized for the restitution of the conclusions and findings drawn from the work performed during the project. The workshops gathered more than 50 persons coming from the national statistical system organizations as well as from the staff of the regional offices and central departments of Statistics Tunisia.

The main milestone of the project was the drafting of the strategy document for the development of regional statistics.

Re-organisation of the territorial statistical offices in Lithuania

DevStat CEO, José CERVERA, accompanied a study visit of the National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova to Statistics Lithuania. The study visit reviewed the different aspects of re-organisation of the territorial statistical offices in Lithuania over the past years, including the management of human resources, the establishment of new work processes and the dissemination of regional statistics. Statistics Lithuania is a frequent partner of DevStat in technical assistance projects. Jointly, they are implementing a series of assessment missions to Candidate and Neighbour countries to the European Union, and have been awarded by Eurostat of a training project on statistical methodology.


DevStat, a Valencian company in demand all over the world


DevStat, a Valencian company in demand all over the world.

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