“DevStat” стал победителем тендера по совершенствованию российской бизнес-статистики

Испанское независимое агентство по статистике «DevStat» стало победителем тендера фонда «Бюро экономического анализа» (http://www.beafnd.org/en/), целью которого является улучшение Статистического регистра Росстата (Федеральная служба государственной статистики Российской Федерации). В течении года международные эксперты из Испании, Франции, Румынии, Болгарии и Италии будут участвовать, под руководством «DevStat», в разработке методологии проведения комплекса работ по совершенствованию российской бизнес-статистики.

DevStat has been awarded a contract to support the statistical office of the Russian Federation (ROSSTAT)

DevStat has been awarded by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (http://www.beafnd.org/en/) a contract to support ROSSTAT (the statistical office of the Russian Federation) in the improvement of its business register and the processes to maintain and validate its records. The project will last for one year and experts from Spain, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy will be involved under the leadership of DevStat.

2014 is gone. Remarkable facts of the year

2014 is gone. DevStat completed projects for Eurostat and Eurofound, including conferences on modernization of statistics and Big Data (Valencia, Rome) as well as in Costa Rica, Oman, Romania, and a 4-year EC project on fishery statistics. We started new projects in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Cuba, Moldova, and established partnerships with CartoDB, (leader in mapping solutions) and LINEEX (behavioural economics lab). Thanks to our team and network, DevStat consolidated its position as a major provider of expertise for statistical systems and the use of quantitative information. Happy 2015 to all!!