ESTP Course on Behavioural economics

Assistance for the organisation of the European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) – Behavioural economics course

Within the framework of Eurostat’s European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP), DevStat in consortium with the Lithuanian Department of Statistics and the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria held a three day course on “Management of respondent and user behaviour: towards the optimal questionnaire” in Valencia on 19th -21st June 2017.

The course was taught by Dr José Vila (course leader) and Mr Carlo Capuano and it was attended by thirteen participants from several National Statistical Institutes within the European Statistical System (ESS) and from candidate countries.

The objective of the course was to provide the participants with basic knowledge on behavioural economics (BE), understanding of the role of behavioural insights in the European Statistical System and the needed skills to apply BE good practices to enhance data collection and dissemination.

The content of the course covered the following topics: behavioural insights of respondent and users, changing respondent behaviour, behavioural economic experiments in in official statistics, behavioural insights of the use of statistical information and for questionnaire design. On the second day a BE experiment was organised for the participants.

DevStat thanks the trainers and also the participants for their commitment during the course.