Top 2017 results and new resolutions for 2018

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have joined our team for challenging projects, supported us in providing the professional expertise and shared with us the outstanding experience to achieve various project goals.
We would like to thank our clients and beneficiary institutions, who placed a trust in us by assigning important tasks and who were willing to cooperate with us and guided us in understanding their needs. We thank you for being open, cooperative and patient. We trust that our cooperation was a step forward towards the development of statistics and other areas in which we are working.
We also would like to thank our partners who stood hand in hand with us in qualitative consulting, technical assistance projects and helped us to organise events and trainings. We were glad to join our forces and establish great partnerships which helped all of us to demonstrate our knowledge, vast experience and professionalism. This year, we are proud of having partnered with national statistical offices and experts from countries worldwide.
We say thank you to all our experts for their fruitful cooperation, valuable contributions and loyalty.
It’s been quite a year for us all! At this special time DevStat team express the sincerest season’s greetings and wish you, your colleagues and your beloved ones a joyful holiday and a prosperous New 2018 Year.
We look forward to working with You in the years to come!