Happy New Year 2020

2019 has been another busy year for DevStat. We have completed important projects using advanced analytics (Big Data on public procurement, evaluation of employment policies for the Govt of Valencia), behavioural-experimental methods (on cybersecurity and financial behaviour), delivered technical assistance in the area official statistics (National Strategy for Development of Statistics in Azerbaijan, assessment of the statistical system of Belarus, workshops for Eurostat and the International Statistical Institute in Africa), provided training on statistics and machine learning (EU Statistics Training Programme, Statistics Saudi Arabia) and preparing manuals for ITU and UNCTAD on measurement of Digital Economy and Society.; we are embarked in projects with a social impact, on indicators on violence against children (Mozambique) and other victims (Govt of Valencia). We moved to new premises (Wayco), the most modern working place in Valencia.

I am proud of my small but capable team, and thank all experts and organisations that have worked with us.

On behalf of the DevStat team, I wish all our collaborators and clients healthy and happy Season Holidays and an exciting start of the new decade.

DevStat contributes in the organisation of the ISI-IFC “High Level Meeting on Data Governance”

Thank you International Statistical Institute – ISI to giving DevStat the opportunity to contribute in the organisation of the ISI-IFC “High Level Meeting on Data Governance” last week in Tunis. The meeting was co-organised with the African Union Commission (AUC) and the NSI of Tunis.

Thank to all Director Generals of the National Statistical Offices of Africa who attended and also to all the people coming from Central Banks.

DevStat has applied for a new H2020 project

The Qu-BeLearn project aims to develop an innovative approach to develop new models to forecast and influence human behaviour getting together the potentiality of behavioural economics and data science. The other members of the consortium are the University of Northumbria (UK), University Federico II (Italy) and University of Valencia and University of Basque Country (Spain). The preparation of the proposal has been financially supported by the Institut Valencia de Competitivitat Empresarial (IVACE) and Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

  • Type of action: Research and innovation actions (RIA)
  • Call name: FET Open – Novel ideas for radically new technologies
  • Call identifier: H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2020

New contract with the General Authority for Statistics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Proud to announce that DevStat has signed a long-term contract with the General Authority for Statistics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Gastat) for the provision of training courses on statistics and IT topics. This continues a collaboration for providing technical assistance in diverse areas including ICT, R&D and labour statistics. We will be happy to support the modernisation of the Saudi state in the area of official statistics, contributing to the wider improvements in the governance of the Kingdom.

ESS Workshop on administrative data for business, agriculture and fisheries statistics

DevStat is thrilled to announce its continuing collaboration with Eurostat for the the organisation of the ESS Workshop on administrative data for business, agriculture and fisheries statistics in Bucharest, Romania, on 17-18 October 2019.

The workshop will create the opportunity for experts in the European Statistical System to present and exchange the results of the progress made in using administrative data for the production of official statistics in the areas of business, agriculture and fisheries statistics. It will also be an occasion to display and exchange the results of the ESS Vision 2020 ADMIN project which is approaching its end (2015-2019).

We would like to encourage you to contribute a paper before August 28 discussing your experience or ideas in the use of administrative data for business, agriculture and/or fisheries statistics providing achievements, examples, practical applications, lessons learned and plans for future developments.

All interested people are kindly requested to submit the online registration form, which can be found @http://devstat.com/projects/workshop/registration/papers by 28August 2019.

ESS Workshop on administrative data and social statistics

DevStat is pleased to inform of its collaboration with Eurostat for the the organisation of the ESS Workshop on administrative data and social statistics which will take place in Valencia, Spain, on June 4-5 June 2019.  

The workshop aims at bringing together ESS countries’ experts working with administrative data to share methodological knowledge, experiences, lessons learned and best practices regarding the use of administrative data for social statistics. 

It will be primarily an opportunity to highlight and exchange the results of the ADMIN, which is approaching its end in 2019. The event aims to encourage technical discussion on how the ESS should continue to move towards an improved production system for social statistics using more extensively administrative data.  

We would like to encourage statisticians to contribute papers before April 14 discussing their experience or ideas on the use of administrative data providing experience, achievements, examples, practical applications, lessons learned and plans for future developments that they consider worth sharing with other users of administrative data.

DevStat presented a paper on the evaluation, using administrative data, of active employment policies in the region of Valencia

All interested people are kindly requested to submit the online registration form, which can be found @ https://devstat.com/projects/events/ by 30 April 2019. 

Hope to see you in Valencia!!

Assistance for the organisation of ESTP Courses – Machine learning and Logistic regression

From 25th to 30th March, DevStat organised two training courses in Eurostat premises (Luxembourg). The first one, by José CERVERA-FERRI (DevStat’s CEO) and Prof. Iván ARRIBAS (Univ. of Valencia) on Machine Learning Econometrics, presented methods for alternative econometric estimation using a Machine Learning approach, including linear (Ridge and LASSO methods) and non-linear (Random Forests, Support Vector Machines) methods. The second one, by Prof. ARRIBAS, presented Logistic regression models, widely used in statistical classification problems. These course are implemented within a contract with Eurostat to supply training to statisticians of the European Statistical System, and for staff of the European Commission.

Conceptualising Child Foot print Tool / Index for Business

DevStat in cooperation with Maestral International LLC have been awarded a UNICEF contract for Co-creating a Child Footprint Tool / Index for Business and will collaborate in measuring the adverse impact business have on children (‘respect’), as well as their positive contribution towards children’s well-being and development (‘support’). The scope of this contract is to allow investors to make better-informed decisions and become an instrument for internal company dialogue and interactions on how the company, together with policy-makers, communities and other partners, can help shape a better life for children. The tool or index shall bring visibility on how business impacts on children’s wellbeing, investor decisions and policy discussions.

Happy New Year 2019

Dear colleagues, DevStat takes the opportunity of wishing you a year full of prosperity, brightness, success and happiness. Happy New Year!!